To celebrate the launch of this brand and this site and in honor of all my wonderful clients that helped make all my success possible, I am hosting a client appreciation event this summer.

As I’m sure you’ve discovered by perusing this site, the concept of home is very near and dear to me. I truly believe we all deserve a place to feel safe. The thrive. To share love and grow together. And to honor that, as well as show my gratitude to all my clients, I am partnering with two local organizations who help create and preserve that sense of home for local families in need.  

In honor of my Chicago clients, I am partnering with The Emergency Fund, an organization that works with the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness to help keep families in crisis from losing their homes and ending up on the street. And through our donation made in my clients’ honor, we will be giving two Chicago families on the brink of homelessness the support they need to stay in their homes while they work their way through crisis and get their feet back on the ground.

And in honor of my clients on the North Side, I am partnering with Connections, an organization whose mission is to prevent homelessness and preserve community. Through our donations, again, made in my clients’ honor,  we will provide five families who are coming off the streets, who have little more than the clothes they are wearing, with a bed, dishes, towels, pots and pans and many of the other household items needed to turn a new house into a true home.  

I’m so excited for this event. And for the difference we all can make when we work together. Please stay tuned, because I will be sharing the pictures soon!