In May 2013, on our son Emmett’s birthday, we are opening the doors of a new foundation called Happy2You. This foundation, inspired by Emmett and all his brilliance, is specifically for homes with Down Syndrome children.

And when I say we are opening the doors of this new foundation, I mean myself and my clients. Because you are an integral part of this wonderful creation. With every real estate closing, we open our doors to support another Down Syndrome family with whatever it is they most need. It’s your sale that allows us to continually extend our support.

The needs of Down Syndrome families are unique. They span the gambit from an in-depth medical understanding of how to care for their children through every phase of development to the tender emotional support of how to provide that care to them, to guidance through the joy and unique honor of creating relationships and environments in which they as well as every other member of their family can grow.

It was our experience that I could not find all the educational, emotional, physical and developmental support we needed for Emmett in one place. So we created it. Happy2You is a single place that offers multiple forms of support for Down Syndrome homes.

The name is born from one of Emmett’s favorite phrases: “Happy To You!” Not happy just on your birthday, not happy just in the new year, but a happy to you every day, all the time.

How awesome is that?

It’s such an authentic and open message of celebration. And that’s the spirit in which we founded Happy2You. All children are meant to be celebrated, and Down Syndrome children are no exception.

So we are creating an incredibly creative and comprehensive way to celebrate Down Syndrome kids – their potential, their bright futures, their families and the strong, wonderful community their presence creates.

We can’t wait for the unveiling of the opening in May – it will be such an exciting time and we can’t wait to share all the details with you! If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please email me at